Baily Herron

Im Baily Herron - a dedicated and creative graphic
designer from London Ontario.

I am currently finishing my third and final year at Fanshawe college and I am excited to be apart of a team and begin my career. I first found a passion for graphic design in a previous program where I completed a degree in General Arts & Science, where I explored all forms of design from photography, film, graphic design and art. I found my self obsessed with graphic design and the variety of things it has to offer.

Finishing my degree in Graphic Design I have learned it is important to reach proper deadlines and to stay organized with any work I am completing. I plan to take my skills and passion for Graphic Design to another level and be a part of a team that can depend on me with any problem that comes our way.

I enjoy working both as a team and individually. As a designer I will be efficient, driven, and focused on each task at hand. I take pride in my work and hope to touch others with it as well.